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About Us

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The Estate

Converted from the family’s old horse barn, the Bowers Harbor Vineyard tasting room provides a warm and cozy atmosphere to taste some of Michigan’s top rated wines.

The experience begins before you reach Bowers Harbor Vineyards. The road along Old Mission Peninsula leads over rolling orchards and vineyards that are frames to the east and west by the waters of Grand Traverse Bay. Each rise in the road exposes gorgeous panoramic views. Meticulously manicured vineyards and flower gardens will entice your eyes as you enter the estate. Upon your arrival, our infamous canine friend, Brix, will greet you. Bring the kids; they are sure to be entertained by our not so little buddy.

We hope you will come see for yourself our unique and beautiful winery.
Our tasting room offers stunning views with wines to match!

Our Vineyards

Block I

Established in 1991, the Block I hosts the first vines planted for Bowers Harbor Vineyards. Positioned directly in front our tasting room, formerly a horse stable, Block I vineyard was previously home to horses boarded by the Stegenga Family.

750 vines of Chardonnay, selection 96. Planted in 1991. 350 vines of Riesling, selection 239. Planted in 1991.

This fertile, sloping land produces Chardonnay grapes used in our Unwooded Chardonnay. We are the founders of producing stainless steel fermented Chardonnay in the state of Michigan, a perfect pairing with our local Whitefish and Salmon. The Chardonnay grown in Block I is also used in our French Oak barrel aged RLS Chardonnay. The succulent peach flavored Riesling grapes are used in our Semi Dry Riesling and BHV Estate Riesling.

Block II

This section of our Vineyard, named Block II, was established in 1991. In the days before the Vineyard, this was an area on the farm where the horses grazed and enjoyed the land Mother Nature has created.

2,500 vine of Riesling, selections 239 & 110. Planted in 1991.

Mother Nature is our guide, especially with this Block of the Vineyard. We don’t make a plan for the Riesling. We let the climate and the yearly varying weather decide the type of single vineyard Riesling we will make. Block II has produced everything from a Trockenbeerenauslese sweet dessert wine, to a triple-select hand harvested Dry Riesling.

Block III

Formerly home to White-Faced Hereford Cows, this land now hosts all of our Gewurtztraminer vines. Established in 1991.

440 vines of Gewurtztraminer, selection SMF. Planted in 1991.

The Gewurtztraminer varietal, native to Germany, flourishes in our cooler climate and long growing seasons. Bowers Harbor Vineyards has produced a variety of Gewurtztraminer wines, from Dry all the way to Gewurtztraminer Ice Wine. We are the only producers of the Gewurtztraminer Ice Wine in the United States.

Langley Vineyard

Spencer Stegenga, proprietor and winegrower, dedicated this vineyard to this beloved grandfather, Harold Langley, in 1998, 1000 vines of Merlot on .81 acres planted in 1999, 1000 vines of Cabernet Franc on .81 acres planted in 2000, 1000 vines of Pinot Noir on .81 acres planed in 1999 and 2500 vines of Riesling on 2.8 acres planted in 2001.

From the Langley vineyard, the Merlot and Cabernet Franc make up the blend for our ‘2896’ Langley. The Pinot Noir is blended with Pinot Noir from a neighboring Old Mission Peninsula vineyard to make up our single varietal Pinot Noir. We sort out some of the Riesling to produce a small batch of single vineyard, single varietal Riesling. The remainder of the Riesling is blended into our BHV Estate Riesling.

Erica Vineyard

In the year 2000, Spencer Stengenga proposed to Erica Schoenherr on a blank canvas of earth. She said yes and a month later the soil was turned an vines were planted. Spencer dedicated this vineyard to his wife Erica.

1000 vines of Cabernet France on .81 acres planted in 2001. 1000 vines of Pinot Grigio on .81 acres planted in 2002. 15000 vines of Pinot Grigio on 1.62 acres planted in 2001. 2000 vines of Pinot Grigio on 1.4 acres planted in 2005. The Cabernet Franc from this fineyard goes into our special vineyard designated wine, the Erica Vineyard Cabernet Franc, the first vintage being from the 2004 havest. The Pinot Grigio from the Erica Vineyard makes up the majority of our flagship wine. We also have selected Pinot Grigio from neighboring Old Mission Peninsula vineyards to blend with our Estate grapes to produce a world-class Pinot Grigio.