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Bowers Harbor Vineyards



Kevin Diels

He takes our motto,” Taste, Learn, Enjoy” to heart. For him, it's not just the experience of a guest tasting wine that is important, but in discovering about what wines people like and then uncovering new wines that may become part of their regular repertoire. Equally important, however, is that customers enjoy their overall experience; not just with BHV wines and its lovely setting, but with all that Traverse City has to offer – from its Epicurean diversity to its scenic beauty to its outdoor activities. He want to ensure that each guest's visit to BHV is fun and interactive, rather than dull and passive. In short, Kevin is thrilled to be part of an industry that is so integral to – and representative of – Traverse City's magnetic appeal.

When not in the tasting room – or exploring the area by foot, bike, snowshoe, or car – Kevin enjoys discovering regions of winemaking that are less well-known than the stereotypical standard-bearers of Napa or France. 

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