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Bowers Harbor Vineyards


Tom Petzold

Wine Specialist

Tom Petzold brings a depth of wine knowledge and a love of sharing it to the Bowers Harbor Vineyards staff. His ready smile and passion for wine make the tasting room experience both fun and educational. Tom is our Vineyard Tour Guide Specialist and grows grapes from his 10 Hands Vineyard for BHV.

Tom’s employment at the historic Pontchartrain Wine Cellars Restaurant in Detroit gave him his first exposure to the world of wine. His subsequent 17-year sojourn in Europe while working for the U.S Air Force afforded him the opportunity to deepen his love and respect for fine wine. Tom and his French wife, Claudine, found time to explore some of the oldest and most recognized wine regions in the world, and gladly embraced the European tradition of enjoying wine as a part of daily life.

Tom made a more deliberate study of wine while working at NATO in Belgium, where he and Claudine began to collect and cellar some of their favorite wines. After retiring from military life, the couple returned to Tom’s native Michigan. They currently live near the northern tip of Old Mission Peninsula and have planted their own vines of Riesling and Pinot Noir.

Tom is not only conversant in four different languages; he speaks the language of wine fluently and translates it readily into conversation even the inexperienced wine drinker can understand. Linda’s and Spencer’s devotion to growing superior grapes and producing exceptional wines is a passion shared by Tom and the entire BHV staff. Tom loves wine, loves the people here, and loves the BHV wine dogs. What better place to work?


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