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Bowers Harbor Vineyards

Linda Stegenga


Linda Stegenga is the proud co-owner of Bowers Harbor Vineyards along with her son Spencer. Linda’s devotion to her family, along with her unremitting energy and perseverance, have nurtured BHV from its modest beginnings as a small gentleman’s farm to the burgeoning winery it is today.

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Spencer Stegenga


Spencer Stegenga’s disarming friendliness might fool you into thinking he’s just another guy at the winery. In reality, Spencer is the proud co-owner of Bowers Harbor Vineyards along with his mom Linda, and his entrepreneurial drive has transformed the quiet gentleman’s farm into the thriving winery it is today.

Kristy McClellan

Director of Operations
Tasting Room Manager

Kristy McClellan’s fun-loving, can-do attitude serves her well as Director of Operations at Bowers Harbor Vineyards. She loves people and she loves wine, a happy combination. If you visit the tasting room, you’re likely to hear Kristy’s infectious laugh and sense how readily her sunny personality reflects the spirit of Bowers Harbor Vineyards.

Justin Leshinsky

Director of Sales & Assistant Tasting Room Manager

Justin Leshinsky is Bowers Harbor Vineyard’s upbeat Director of Sales, and an undeniable asset to virtually every aspect of winery operation. A native of Southeast Michigan, Justin attended college there and worked in finance for 5 years before moving to the Traverse City area.

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Tom Petzold

Wine Specialist

Tom Petzold brings a depth of wine knowledge and a love of sharing it to the Bowers Harbor Vineyards staff. His ready smile and passion for wine make the tasting room experience both fun and educational. Tom is our Vineyard Tour Guide Specialist and grows grapes from his 10 Hands Vineyard for BHV.

Connie Van Til

Wine Specialist

Connie Van Til hails from the Chicago area, where she grew up with parents who appreciated the leisurely enjoyment of good wine over a meal shared with family and friends.

Bill Maier

Wine Club Manager

Bill Maier has joined Bowers Harbor Vineyards as the Wine Club Manager. After many years of vacationing in the area, Bill and his wife, Nicole, made the decision to relocate to Traverse City from the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago to pursue their passion in the wine industry.

Lindsay Miller

Assistant Wine Club Manager & Social Media Coordinator

Lindsay developed a love for wine at the ripe age of 21, but it wasn’t until recently that she decided to make it a career. Lindsay studied Anthropology at Oakland University, which took her to Perth, Australia where she finished her degree. After nearly 10 months of studies and travels, she came back to the United States and immediately started planning her next journey.



Evan Oellerich

Farm Manager

Evan is new transplant to Michigan and a lover of all things outdoors. Evan moved here from Northern California where he worked as an assistant vineyard manager on a certified organic vineyard for three years. Before California he lived in Vermont and worked on both vineyards and organic farms, which is where he first became interested in wine grape production. Originally from Virginia, you can spot Evan any given day around the property with his dog Nala working on farm chores.


Otis, our Yellow Labrador Retriever, was the Vineyard’s official greeter. He would greet our tasting room guests with his tail wagging and his welcoming personality. His loyalty to us all made him worthy of his own wine label!


Cooper was our second official tasting room mascot and greeter. Our laid back, fun loving Bernese Mountain dog enjoyed the special attention he received from our tasting room guests. His sweet white wine blend pairs well with Cooper’s favorite food, cheese!


Our Bernese Mountain Dog, is enjoying retirement by strolling around the 20-acre property at his lake house. He enjoys belly rubs, chasing flies, and stealing samples of venison jerky. He was named after the way we test the ripeness of our grapes; the sugar content in the grapes are measured in degrees Brix. His wine, “Brix,” is bubbly and friendly, just like he is.

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