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Bowers Harbor Vineyards

Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you allow dogs on your property?

Yes! Friendly dogs are allowed on our patio and outdoors. We offer flights of wine (five 1.5 oz. pours of wine) to take outside for you to enjoy at your leisure; they range from $18-28 per flight. We offer all our wines and hard ciders by the glass, ranging from $6-$15 per glass. And we offer cheese and cracker type snacks to enjoy outdoors as well. We sell dog treats, stuffed dogs, dog wine stoppers, dog cork cages, and wines with dogs on the label, too. We love dogs!

How much is your wine tasting?

Wine & Hard Cider Tasting:

Only $5 to try 5 wines and hard ciders and includes your souvenir wine glass!

Groups of 8 or more (Reservations Required):

$5 per person for 5 samples of wine and includes your souvenir wine glass! Call 231-223-7615 or email info@bowersharbor.com to set up your group tasting.

Groups of 20 or more (Reservations Required):

$10 per person for 5 samples of wine and includes your souvenir wine glass! Call 231-223-7615 or email info@bowersharbor.com to set up your group tasting.

Private Tasting Group Package (Reservations Required):

$15 per person for 5 samples of wine, souvenir wine glass, and served with cheese & crackers, gourmet mustard & pretzels, gourmet local salsa & tortilla chips. Call 231-223-7615 or email to set up your group tasting.

What are your hours?

May 1-October 31

Sunday -Thursday 10:30am-6:00pm
Friday & Saturday 10:30am-7pm
November 1- April 30
Sunday-Thursday 10:30am-5:00pm
Friday & Saturday 10:30am-6:00pm

Holiday Hours

Easter Sunday 10:30am-3pm
Christmas Eve 10:30am-3pm
New Year’s Eve 10:30am-5pm
New Year’s Day 12pm-4pm
Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

Do I get a free tasting if I bring back my glass?

Our tastings are $5 on each visit. But our friendly and knowledgeable staff will make it worth every penny!

Do you have a wine club?

Yes! Wine Club Members receive complimentary tasting and a glass of wine upon each visit, as well as discounts on wine and hard cider all year long. For more information about our club click HERE.

Can I bring my kids?

Yes of course! We are a family friendly facility. We have a number of non-alcoholic beverage options, and even some coloring books and small toys.

Can we bring our own food?

If you are looking to bring your own lunch for a picnic at our vineyard, please call 231-223-7615 or email ahead to plan to make any arrangements.

Do you have food that we can enjoy?

We have small snacks available for purchase including cheese, crackers, dips, and salami, mustard, pretzels, salsa and chips.

Do you offer any tours?

The focus here at Bowers Harbor Vineyards is on the vines. (Our wine production is done off-premise.) We offer some very informative vineyard tours. Click HERE for more information about our Vineyard Tour options.

Are you connected to the Bowers Harbor Inn?

We are not, we are a separate business. Bowers Harbor Inn is still the same beautiful estate in the same location, now renamed Mission Table. The casual pub-style restaurant in the rear of the estate, formerly The Bowery, is now called The Jolly Pumpkin.

Where are your dogs?

Brix is currently living at his lake house on the peninsula enjoying a quiet retirement. Spencer has two English Cream Retrievers, one of which follows Spencer wherever he goes, so if you’re lucky enough you may see Winston wandering the grounds when you are in!

Where can I find your wines?

We distribute to many wine stores, grocery stores, and restaurants statewide. If you are curious as to where we distribute near you, give us a call at 231-223-7615 and we would be happy to help you find a local store!

Do you ship out of state?

Yes, we currently ship to California, Colorado, DC, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Wisconsin.

What flavor ciders do you have?

Our cider flavors rotate throughout the year, and include 7-Apple, Cherry-Apple, Peach-Apple, Blackberry-Apple, Blueberry-Apple, Cranberry-Apple, Mango-Apple, Raspberry-Apple, Pineapple-Apple and Pear. These are available in half-gallon growlers and 16-oz. Pints.  Four of our flavors are available in wine bottles, and can be shipped: 7-Apple, Cherry-Apple, Peach-Apple, and Blueberry-Apple.

Give us a call at 231-223-7615 if you are curious as to what flavors will be on tap during your visit!

Do you sell non-alcoholic beverages?

Yes, we have a sparkling raspberry juice available by the glass and bottle, Brix Michigan-made sodas, as well as a Keurig with tea, coffee, hot cocoa, and hot cider options.

Do we have to make reservations to taste?

We require reservations for groups of 8 or more. Any less than that do not need to call ahead.

Do we have to prepay for groups?

It is not necessary to prepay for groups, but you may do so by phone if that is your preference.

Are your wines/ciders gluten free?

Yes, all our beverages are gluten free.

When is Dining in the Vines?

Our Dining in the Vines events occur in the summer between May-September. Visit www.dininginthevines.com for more information and updated dates.

What type of wines do you have?

We have a large variety of wines including dry and demi-sec sparkling, dry to sweet whites, dessert and port style wines, a variety of red wines, cherry wines, and hard cider. Our top varietals include Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc.

Are you open in the winter?

Yes, we are open in the winter.

November 1- April 30 our hours are:
Sunday-Thursday 10:30am-5:00pm
Friday & Saturday 10:30am-6:00pm

The only days we are closed are Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Do you host weddings?

Unfortunately, we are unable to hosts weddings on our property.

Can we take photos?

Of course! Make sure to tag us on Social Media when you post them!

Can you do custom label wines?

Yes, we can make custom labels. We can do 1 bottle to celebrate a special occasion or even multiple cases! Call our tasting room at 231-223-7615 or email for more inquiries.

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